Year 7 & 8 – Art & Design Exhibition

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Year 7 & 8 – Art & Design Exhibition
Year 8 Drawing from Direct Observation – Charcoal
Year 7 Drawing from Direct Observation – Soft Pastel
Year 8 Drawing from Direct Observation – Charcoal
Year 7 Drawing from Direct Observation – Oil Pastel

Year 8 – Matisse Inspired Collages
Year 7 & 8 Art

This term the Year 7 Students have been drawing from direct observation; learning how to measure accurately and draw to scale. They have also worked hard to make their studies appear 3-Dimensional on a piece of paper, primarily by creating light and dark tones of one colour to shade the subject in view.
Throughout the term, the students have used a wide variety of media  – charcoal, soft and oil pastels, pencil and acrylic paint. They have also learnt basic colour theory and applied this to some of their studies.
The Year 8 Students have looked into colour theory in more depth, creating a series of complex collages influence by Henri Matisse.
Year 7 – Ceramic Tile
Year 8 – Watercolour on Paper
Year 7 Design – Planet Earth Wallpanel

This term the Year 7 Students have been designing ceramic tiles. They have been drawing from all sorts of nature references, around the theme of Planet Earth and specifically of those things found in our environment here in England. Their drawings have been translated onto tiles, using stencils, sponging and freehand painting. They have also collected leaves, used these as both stencils and an objects to create impressions into the terracotta tiles. The Students have been working on four layers of imagery – Air, Plant, Ground and Underground.

When all the tiles are complete they will be put together on large wallpanels to make a tile mural. As a group, the pupils will decide how best to compose their wallpanel – selecting their favourites from each others work, to make the best final design.

Year 8 Design – Cars
This term the Year 8 Students have been drawing cars. They have also been learning about the origins of car design and Art Deco poster design. They have been learning how to draw accurately and to scale. Once they have made their initial drawings they are translated into clean, fine line drawings, which are then coloured with a colourwash – using traditional watercolour techniques. As well as these beautiful colour images of cars, they are now working on their own Art Deco poster design, using cars and also other forms of transport.

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