Worth School Nuttys complete their swim

Wednesday, 24 July 2013
Worth School Nuttys complete their swim

After months of preparation, on Sunday the 7th July, The Nuttys from Worth School completed their challenge and swam across the English Channel.

After getting the news the day before, Sam Steers started the swim at 7.30am on the Sunday morning. Proceeding to swim for an hour, he was then followed by Max Hodgkinson, David Corr, Hugh Murphy, Ashley Thomas and Benny Barham in one hour ‘legs’.

On the day, the water temperature was 14.5 degrees Celsius and although the sun was shining for the start of the challenge, conditions deteriorated and were cold and windy from midday onwards.

The Worth School students were supported by John Corr, David’s father, with great spirit and enthusiasm throughout the day on board their boat, Sea Farer II, which was piloted by Chris Osmond and invigilated by Kevin Murphy (CS&PF). John also played a vital role in keeping other family members and friends updated on shore throughout the swim.

It wasn’t all plain sailing through the day however, as the boat got stuck on a lobster pot which delayed the boy’s finish time and meant two swimmers were in the water for over an hour in pitch darkness. The team completed the crossing in a very respectable 16 hours and 52 minutes and were the only team of six swimmers to officially complete the event on the 7th July, despite their being three other relay attempts.

On the following day, the team immortalised their success as they wrote their names on the wall of the White Horse pub where all successful Channel Swimmers note their achievement.  QVH (standing for Queen Victoria Hospital) is included in the inscription as their cause for doing the challenge.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the boys and if you haven’t yet donated and would like to please go to their sponsorship page: www.virginmoneygiving.com/thenuttys.

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