Tailor-made Arete Programme launched by Worth School’s Christian Theology Department

Friday, 13 September 2013
Tailor-made Arete Programme launched by Worth School’s Christian Theology Department

Eamon Manning, Teacher of Theology, explains how Worth School’s new Arete Programme helps Year 12 explore the link between religion and life… 

At the heart of any Catholic educational community, such as Worth School, an in-depth exploration of the teachings of the Catholic faith and how they influence our lives is essential. In the Christian Theology department at Worth School, this is what we strive to do from Year 7 to Year 13; by encouraging engagement, questioning and decision-making, the Catholic teaching and the big questions of life come alive to our students as they seek wisdom.

As a school community, we became conscious that in the Sixth Form a more robust provision of religious education was becoming necessary and so the Christian Theology department has developed a new programme, tailor-made for the students at Worth SChool, the like of which seems not to exist in other schools in the UK.

Fundamentally ‘The Arete Programme’, a word which in Greek suggests excellence, virtue and being the best we can be, explores the meaning of life and how religion and life go together. It looks at these issues from a Roman Catholic perspective and invites students to critically evaluate their own ideas about it.

Beginning with a module on fundamental Catholic beliefs, the programme then investigates responses to these beliefs through art, science, philosophy and literature. Students are invited to explore a personal academic response to this teaching through project work, perhaps linked to their other areas of study. The Programme then concludes in Year 13 with some personal reflection on vocation and our goals in life.

The Programme was launched to Year 12 at Worth on Friday 6th September in the School’s Performing Arts Centre with a plenary session setting out the course for the next two years. It was well received and students are excited about getting to grips with beliefs going to the heart of who we are in a lively programme designed just for them. 

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