Worth School Battle of the Bands Recap

Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Worth School Battle of the Bands Recap

In October 2012, Worth School students put on an evening of varied talent. In 2013, we will be doing it all over again!

In October 2012, the 8th annual Battle of the Bands competition was held at Worth school. The contemporary music competition is an annual event for students, as part of the wider curriculum available, to enter and perform for their classmates in a bid to win the competition.

In 2012, there were acts ranging from solo acoustic performances to heavy rock to electronica, all of which were of a very high standard. The standard of performances was a testament to the time and effort each artist put in.

Each act performed two or three songs and was marked by a ‘Worth School judging panel’ made up of a student from each year group and chaired by Mrs Gray. The acts were marked on four categories; musicality and style, variety, accuracy of performance and entertainment value.

Notable performances included a superb set by Katie Kenward on her guitar, which led to her being named the best vocalist of the evening. Another individual mention should go to Hugo Young, who the judges felt was the most accomplished instrumental performer on the night. The winning band was called ‘Drum N Face’.

Drum N Face were a four-piece band and made up of Finn and Hugh Lurcott, Charlie Barclay-Hudson and Ben Booker. The band performed one acoustic number and then wowed the audience with a live electronic performance using a sea of laptops and keyboards. The band performed their Kraftwerk-esque rendition of ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare, complete with lasers and lighting effects. With the performance that the band produced, it was no doubt that they were worthy winners.

In 2013, we will be doing it all again! So attention all Worth School students, warm up those vocal chords and tighten those guitar strings, there will be another glorious night of rock when you can entertain your friends and fellow students.

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