Abbot Olympics – when plan A doesn’t work out

Friday, 02 October 2015
Abbot Olympics – when plan A doesn’t work out

In past years, Year 7 & 8 students are given a break from lessons and a chance to let off some steam at the end of exam week each summer. This year a new initiative, the Abbot Olympics, was such a success that it looks set to be a regular activity on the Worth School calendar.

And it might never have been but St Anne’s Housemistress Sandi Kaaber showed how some tenacity and resourcefulness can deliver a brilliant Plan B out of the jaws of disaster. Mrs Kaaber had booked Lazerhub in Crawley a year in advance but Lazerhub had closed down a few months’ previously – without letting anyone at Worth know. An alternative activity was required quickly.

Abbot-League-2As Mrs Kaaber has a sporting background, and happens to be married to the Director of Sport at Worth, it meant that the obvious choice was to create a sporting event; ideally one that had the girls and boys competing together. The idea for the Abbot League Olympics was born and planning began in earnest.Abbot-League-3b

A few days beforehand, Deputy Head (Academic) Mrs Lynch thought that the Year 9 students might like to join in. With such numbers, a new League was created named after Worth’s current Abbot, Fr Luke Jolly. The Year 9 students who had already been at Worth in Year 8 reverted to their old Leagues and the pupils new to Worth this year were spread across all four Leagues.


The Leagues (each named after an Abbot) gathered in their various colours – Jamison in royal blue, Taggart in green, Ortiger in red and Jolly in navy blue. Every student in Years 7 to 9 took part with boys and girls in each event. Good sportsmanship was the order of the day, as was having a go with different sorts of games – dodgeball, volleyball, rounders and netball.


Abbot-League-lastAfter much exertion and much laughter, Jamison League won the Year 9 category while Ortiger League won the Year 7 and 8 group.

As well as adding a fantastic new event to the Worth calendar, the Abbot League Olympics demonstrated that it is possible to comeback from the ashes of a disappointment with an even better event than the original idea. In the words of Mrs Kaaber, “The Abbot League Olympics challenge is on for next year!”.

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