Vs – Louis

Thursday, 14 February 2013
Vs – Louis
Over the past couple of months, Louis (A-Level student) has been taking images documenting both his journeys into and around London. In each image recorded, Louis has tried to carefully compose modern architectural developments in contrast with nature, redundant buildings and dwellings all within the same frame.

For his final outcome, Louis has designed and published newspapers to collate and share his imagery. Influenced by other contemporary practitioners using the newspaper as a device to disseminate their work, Louis is planning to leave his newspaper around the locations from where his photographs were recorded.

This relatively modest publication, titled ‘Vs’, is free to be discarded, kept or past on. Ideally Louis would love to gather feedback and a response to his photographic survey. He is using the hashtags #Vs, #Versus, #LP so Twitter users are able respond to a paper they may find. We are also promoting his work on both the Art and Photography blogs in attempt to publicise his work.

I have also left a couple of copies of his paper in the staff common room, school library and main reception. I hope you get the chance to have a good look through it and show your support to Louis.

Any feedback Louis can obtain will be used to develop future ideas and publications.

Thank-you for your support.

Vs left on trains and tubes across London (9th and 10th February)

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