This is Your Photo #TPGMO3 – The Photographers Gallery

Thursday, 15 August 2013
This is Your Photo #TPGMO3 – The Photographers Gallery
This is Your Photo is an online project running alongside the exhibition Mass Observation: This is Your Photo that reflects on the social legacy of the Mass Observation project in a digital era. 
Through a series of nine weekly directives we’d like you to respond by uploading photographs to Flickr and GuardianWitness to reveal elements of everyday life. All images that respond to the directives will be shown on The Wall at The Photographers’ Gallery from 28 August – 9 October. See How to Take Part or read the Terms and Conditions below for more information on submitting.
From Friday 16 August
Set by Cornelia Parker
“My directive is to record all those smokers that hover outside their place of work, whether on their own or in small congregations. These groups are a cross section of society, from management downwards, thrown together by their common addiction. You would not have seen these groups a few years ago before the smoking ban, and perhaps they might not exist in a few years-time as smoking becomes more and more stigmatised.”
Add an experience or story relating to your photograph and make sure you add the tag #TPGMO3 when uploading your image to GuardianWitness or our This is Your Photo Flickr group.
Cornelia Parker, Boy Smokers, 2013

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