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Friday, 09 August 2013
This is Your Photo #TPGMO2 – The Photographers Gallery
This is Your Photo is an online project running alongside the exhibition Mass Observation: This is Your Photo that reflects on the social legacy of the Mass Observation project in a digital era. 
Through a series of nine weekly directives we’d like you to respond by uploading photographs to Flickr and GuardianWitness to reveal elements of everyday life. All images that respond to the directives will be shown on The Wall at The Photographers’ Gallery from 28 August – 9 October. See How to Take Part or read the Terms and Conditions below for more information on submitting.

9 August 2013
Set by Martin Parr

“One of the most memorable images in the current Mass Observation show is the photo of the funeral, with a man holding a coat looking at the proceedings taken by Humphrey Spender.
“I’m now going to invite you to take a photo at or of a funeral; a tough ask, but who wants an easy assignment?
“We live in a society where there are unwritten rules about photography and one of them is that it’s perfectly okay, even encouraged, to shoot photos at a wedding, but not at a funeral. Our job, if we have any value as documentary photographers, is to question these rules.
“I submit a photo taken in 1992, of a funeral on my project A year in the life of an English Village commissioned by the Telegraph magazine, but originally inspired by John Hinde’s Exmoor Village project, which of course was part of his work for Mass Observation.”
Martin Parr, Chew Stoke, Funeral, 1992, © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

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