This is Your Photo #TPGMO1 – The Photographers Gallery

Thursday, 01 August 2013
This is Your Photo #TPGMO1 – The Photographers Gallery
This is Your Photo is an online project running alongside the exhibition Mass Observation: This is Your Photo that reflects on the social legacy of the Mass Observation project in a digital era. 
Through a series of nine weekly directives we’d like you to respond by uploading photographs to Flickr and GuardianWitness to reveal elements of everyday life. All images that respond to the directives will be shown on The Wall at The Photographers’ Gallery from 28 August – 9 October. See How to Take Part or read the Terms and Conditions below for more information on submitting.
1 August 2013
Inspired by an original Mass Observation directive we’d like you to record and share photographs of your mantelpiece on Flickr and GuardianWitness.
If you don’t have a mantelpiece, a window sill, bookshelves or even your bedside table will do; anything that displays your treasured items, keepsakes or mementos. Your contribution will help create a record of British life in 2013.
We’d like future directives to come from you, the contributors. You can make your suggestions in our Flickr discussion forum and via GuardianWitness.
How to take part?

· Create or use your profile at
· Join the This is Your Photo Flickr group
· Create or use your profile at Guardian Witness
· Upload your photo tagged with TPGMO (+ the number of the directive, ie TPGMO1)
· Add your story, experience, comment or suggest a future directive
This is Your Photo is a project in collaboration with The Guardian and GuardianWitness. By posting your photos and comments here you are also agreeing to the GuardianWitness Terms and Conditions who may post your images on their website (
The Photographers’ Gallery Terms and Conditions:
Only photographs that are clearly related to the Directive will be posted.
This site may be visited by children and family groups, and will also feature on The Photographers’ Gallery media wall in London, so only suitable content should be posted. Anyone posting takes full responsibility for the content of the photos and writing.
Discussions and suggestions are welcome, but please keep them relevant to the theme.
Anyone posting a photo or story here agrees to have their work featured on The Wall at The Photographers’ Gallery’s and on The Photographers’ Gallery website ( as well as for press and marketing purposes, in the context of the This is Your Photo Flickr project.
Work submitted will be featured in exhibition form on The Wall (The Photographers’ Gallery’s media wall at 16-18 Ramillies Street, London, W1F 7LW) from 28 August – 9 October 2013 and documentation of the exhibition, featuring images submitted, will become part of the Gallery’s archive. 
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