Talking Heads

Wednesday, 21 October 2015
Talking Heads

Both this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl are highly motivated– as you can find out in this interview with Elikem Logan and Helena Purle. Their replies are refreshingly candid and offer an insight into how they wish to inspire others.

What will you bring to the role of Head Boy and Girl?
Elikem: Personally, I think I draw strength and support from the people I have managed to learn from here. Because Worth is my first experience in a foreign boarding school – my entire time at Worth has been a process of learning, changing, and responding. Worth’s values, people and its community have been made manifest within me during my time here. My prayer is that I can utilise this effectively in the coming year to be a captivating, compassionate and considerate leader.

Helena-insertHelena: My role this year will be unique, because the situation will be unique. Worth will welcome its new Headmaster, and so guidance will be a large part of what I bring as Head Girl. He may not know the school, but I can be considered an expert, and this expertise will be readily available to him should he have need of it.

How has being at Worth School helped you to develop strengths and skills for your roles?
Elikem: Being the head of school has been a personal ambition of mine after my first encounter with the head of school at the time – Conor Keating. I was then blessed to be in Butler House where two members were consecutively chosen for the role. They were all former heads of Butler House and were key role models. I am also the first of four children in my family of Ghanaian origin to come to Worth. My job was to pave the way for my siblings and test the waters in all aspects of life here to ensure, in turn, their suitability for life abroad. I consequently tried to take advantage of every learning opportunity life at Worth had to offer. Whether it is learning life skills from Matron over a cup of tea, picking up a new sport, or learning to knit!

Helena: Looking back, there was never any one experience that conditioned me to be ready for the role of Head Girl. How, then, can I possibly be ready? I’ll tell you simply; I am not. I am, however, as ready as I’ll ever be and absolutely raring to give it my best shot. I once heard a teacher here say, “If you were ready to take the exam today, you shouldn’t be here. You should be at university.” Well, I am not ready, but if I was, perhaps by that reasoning I should be running for Prime Minister.

How do you see yourself making a difference in day-to-day life here in the coming terms?
Elikem: The Butler House motto is ‘Omnia Possibilia Sunt Credenti’, meaning “All things are possible to him who believes”. If there is one aspect of being Head Boy I see as essential, it is to be a role model and fundamentally – together with Helena – a face of Worth, as well as the bridge between the students and staff. The journey to being appointed Head Boy has been a culmination of priceless blessings for which I am ever grateful. If there is anything at all I take from my four years at Worth, it is that all things are possible to anybody who believes, and being a beacon of this message is an opportunity I appreciate and cherish, and intend on making use of to inspire my peers.

Helena: The main difference I make here is promoting effort. We live in a society that praises effortless attainment, where people say ‘well, I didn’t revise’ as though it’s a badge of honour. No one can accuse me of lack of effort. When I fail, I get back up; I’m back at that society to try again next week; I’m back the next lesson with a new draft; I’m back on my feet. I think setting this example makes it easier for others to do the same, and so I feel this affects everyone really, even those in the school I don’t know personally.

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