Meet Sylvester

Friday, 26 September 2014

Sylvester is a Worth bear with an interest in Science. He’s called after Pope Sylvester II, a scholarly Pope who is said to have invented the pendulum clock, a water-powered organ and a type of abacus. Sylvester is looking forward to taking part in Science lessons and helping the Science technicians.

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Sylvester's Science Blog

Named after Sylvester II, a Benedictine monk, scholar and teacher, this teddy is in his element – with or without his lab coat on. He may be based in West Sussex but his aspirations are global and his love of all things scientific shines through, as he finds out what the School’s Science Department are up to.

Getting technical!

Sylvester has been helping the technicians. He is testing the equipment for a Physics practical on levers. Sylvester wonders if there’s any syrup left in the tin….