Re-introducing TP1 – Finds/Inserts (Unit 1)

Thursday, 12 September 2013
Re-introducing TP1 – Finds/Inserts (Unit 1)
Unit 1 begins again for the new AS Group, kicking off with Taster Project 1 – Finds/Inserts.  Two further Taster Projects will follow, designed to introduce a new set of skills at each stage, whilst consolidating on skills previously learnt. Students work to resolve the unit in a personal and independent project. This may involve returning to one of the taster projects and expanding it further.

Please find more information about TP1 here.

Comissioned Texts by Harry Watts for FINDS 2

Jonathon Beattie
Time & The Object by David Chandler
Everything, All of the Time by Joanna Cresswell

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