Re-introducing TP2 – AS Photography

Wednesday, 02 October 2013
Re-introducing TP2 – AS Photography
Students are encouraged to create a series of photographs, making a personal response to theme ‘Outisde-In’. Subject matter for this Taster Project is open to individual choice. Students are encouraged to select appropiate artist/photographer research to support their ideas and work.
In this project student’s will explore a variety of digital and physical layering techniques to create multiple-exposed imagery. They will look to improve their photographs using Photoshop and consolidate skills previously exercised in TP1 – Finds/Inserts.

For those students looking to take TP2 forward into their Personal Project at the end of Unit 1, the following techniques can be introduced:

Portraiture – Projections (John French as seen below) Printing – Collograph > Traditional Developing – Photograms/Light Sensitive Paper (Flora AS 2012, also seen below).

Flora, Year 13
AS Photography, 2012-13.
Resulting Work: A) Documentation of all editing and print stages within this project, annotated in sketchbook. B) Larger Prints of their final outcomes. C) Personal Interpretation of theme, allowing for a variety of techniques to be explored to suit the nature of the individual and their work/ideas. 


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