New landscapes with psychology

Tuesday, 10 February 2015
New landscapes with psychology

Cosima_gretton-275x150A recent visit by 27-year-old Cosima Gretton, who has a first in Experimental Psychology from Oxford and is in her fourth and final year as a medical student at King’s College, London, certainly gave our students plenty to aspire towards. And there were plenty of them there to be inspired – over 50 from Years 11 to 13 turned up for the event.

Describing herself as “passionate about healthcare and technology”, Ms Gretton is already a Consultant for health technology start-ups in London and Silicon Valley. She spent last summer at Singularity University, based at NASA’s research centre in northern California and renowned for seeing some of the brightest minds pass through its doors. She has been quoted as saying: “The best way to describe us is as ‘doctrepreneurs’, although I hate using the term. We are combining health and technology and looking for ways to push the limits of what we are currently able to do.” Year 13 student, Ellie Chadd, attended the talk and provides a write-up…

Our talk by psychologist and medical student Ms Gretton was a fascinating insight into the many different ways that psychology can be used in life and how one can form a career in almost any industry from a psychology degree. The talk was extremely thought provoking and was enjoyed by all the students, who found that they were all able to relate in some way to one of the many doors that could be opened by psychology later in life.

Having had a keen interest in both the arts and the sciences as an A Level student, Ms Gretton’s diverse academic journey was one that allowed her to explore all of her interests and dip into multiple career opportunities since her decision to study Psychology at Oxford.

Working for companies that helped design therapy apps for phones, watching live craniotomy operations being conducted and how nanotechnology (building things with atomic precision to make high-performance products) can be applied to the wider world were given as a taster of all the wonderful things psychology has to offer us. The varied nature of Ms Gretton’s work highlighted for students that there are no limits to where psychology can be used, as it is a fundamental aspect in human life.

Cosima-end-1At the heart of the lecture was a very touching project that Ms Gretton recently completed. Combining Psychology, ArCosima-end-2t and Medicine, she set up an art exhibition with the exhibits all produced by artists who had suffered some form of neurological disorder or mental impairment; each painting represented the disorder and how it had affected the life and work of the artist. These works of art became something so personal and diverse, and showed how psychology had opened the artists’ minds, allowing them to understand and express themselves.

Images by: Jon Adams, 228 (main image), Cecil Riley (bottom left) and Jon Sarkin (bottom right).

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