Multiple Exposure – Photography Club

Wednesday, 25 January 2012
Multiple Exposure – Photography Club
During this week’s Photography Club session, Worth students used Photoshop to create a series of multiple exposed photographs, much like the images traditionally created when photographers would shoot more than one photo over the same piece of film.

After choosing two or three images that they had captured during the session, students began the process by placing their individual shots into the layers palette in Photoshop. By experimenting with the separate opacity levels of each image and blending options available to them, the students were then able to merge the images and imitate the effect of a multiple exposed photograph.

Each students was encouraged to carefully delete or ‘bleed out’ areas of each photograph in the layers palette to allow specific details and textures to become more prominent in their final outcome.
Charles Blades – Year 7

Charles Page – Year 8
Adam Megyeri – Year 13

Charlie Weston – Year 8

Harry Bhattacharyya – Year 7

Patrick Hollings – Year 10

Thomas Granzelius – Year 7

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