Living ‘The Rule’

Friday, 04 July 2014
Living ‘The Rule’

The entries for this year’s English Benedictine Congregation essay competition have illustrated that pupils at Worth find relevance in ‘The Rule of St Benedict’ for their day-to-day lives. ‘The Rule’ was written by St. Benedict of Nursia (c.480–547) and proposes an ethos which is very much at the heart of the School’s academic and pastoral excellence.


This year Worth School pupils excelled with their essay submissions, winning no fewer than four of the nine prizes available. This was the first year that the competition was open to Benedictine schools in the US as well as the UK.

In total, 12 pupils from Worth shared their thoughts on two different themes in this year’s competition. The Juniors explored the title: ‘Does the Rule of St Benedict have anything to say to students in a Benedictine school about how they should treat each other?’ while in the Senior category students considered: ‘ Do the chapters in St Benedict’s Rule about meals have any relevance for people living in the 21st century?’.

Receiving Highly Commended in the Senior category, Laura Chow’s 1,700 word essay explored how St. Benedict’s precepts still offer important guidance even in today’s lifestyles. In an extract from her essay, Laura comments on one of the Saint’s instructions; that “everyone in the community should take turns serving in the kitchen and at the table”.

Laura writes in her essay: “The value of charity is important in the modern day as it emphasises the idea of selflessness and generosity, which in a very competitive and hard-hearted world should especially be observed and appreciated. Families at home could observe this rule to give each member of the family a task and something to give back to each other at dinner times.”

Download the full version of Laura’s essay to read her reflections on silence at mealtimes and lapsing into overindulgence.

The latest edition of Insight magazine takes a look at some of the activities and achievements, including the above, that reflect what life at Worth School is all about.

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