Introducing TP3:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Introducing TP3:
For your final Taster Project you are asked to make multiple observations and recordings of natural or manmade structures from differing viewpoints. Once edited and analysed, you are challenged to physically deconstruct your imagery and (1) reassemble them in a new 2D configuration (2) combine with other imagery to form a collage (3) create a 3D construction (which may have to be photographed to preserve the work). 
To contextualise this unit you will be researching the Vorticist art movement (developed in response to Cubism and Futurism), taking inspiration from artists who have embraced abstraction and collage techniques. 
Photography will either be present at the source, process or as the final product if not all. 

RESULT: Students will continue to use their sketchbooks to showcase their experiments, of which will be supported by in-depth analysis alongside appropriate artist research. Students will work towards resolving this Taster Project with a series of collaged prints (created with/without the aid of Photoshop) and 3D maquettes. This project also presents the opportunity to project still and moving imagery as the work pushes more towards an installation.

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