Introducing TP2:

Wednesday, 19 September 2012
Introducing TP2:
Students are encouraged to create a series of photographs, making a personal response to the Unit Theme – Sense of Place. As a group you will begin by taking photographs around Worth Campus, choosing between the natural landscape, buildings and or interiors as your subject matter. Students will optimise their photographs using Photoshop and consolidate skills previously exercised in TP1 – FINDS/INSERTS.
Photographers to Consider: 
Ansel Adams (top), Bernd & Hilla Becher, Roger Fenton, Fay Godwin (middle) David Benjamin Sherry, Axel Hutte (bottom), Galen Rowell, Edward Weston.

Whilst composing your imagery, you are asked to collect objects and items that you can find within the vicinity of the photograph. You will transfer these items to the studio in order to photograph them separately. Using Photoshop, you will try to overlay these items on top of your initial photographs in a creative and sensitive manner. 
Photographers to Consider: 
Stephen Gill (top), Clarence John Laughlin, Craig McDean, Helen Chadwick (bottom), Heinz Hajek-Halke, Robert Heinecken, Man Ray, Laszlo Maholy-Nagy (middle), Lee Miller.

Other Artists::

Francis Picabia (top) , Sigmar Polke (middle) and David Salle (bottom).

Individual Development: 

Subject Matter – Portraiture > Printing – Collograph > Photograms/Light Sensitive Paper

RESULT: A) Documentation of all stages within this project and kept in sketchbook. B) Larger Prints of their final outcomes. 

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