Howzat for Nikki!

Wednesday, 03 September 2014
Howzat for Nikki!

As this year’s cricket season draws to a close we catch up with Worth’s latest 1st X1 cricket team recruit – 16-year-old Nikki Chaudhuri in Year 12 – the first girl to make the team. She is also part of the U17s women’s squad for Surrey. Year 13 pupil, Laura Chow, talked to Nikki about what it’s like to be the first and only girl in the 1st X1 team.


What first attracted you to the sport of cricket?
I remember starting cricket when I was about seven. My Dad would go to the sports hall early in the mornings to coach the older boys and I would follow him. The sport intrigued me and I used to copy the other children. It soon became clear this was something that I wanted to try out and do myself.

So, what’s it like being the only girl in the Worth cricket team?
It’s really interesting and funny. You hear a lot of things which you don’t usually hear when playing with girls, and you get an insight into the guys’ perspective. It’s more of a challenge which I enjoy.

Overall what do you really enjoy about the game?
I love the excitement and enthusiasm. There is so much happening and you always have to be switched on! At times fielding can get quite tiring and boring, but despite this it can also be enjoyable as it allows you to be with the rest of the team and you get to do the odd dive now and then!

Do you think cricket should be a sport more girls get into and why?
I think it would be great to see some more girls take part in the game. It would be interesting to see what they could do. I think cricket is quite different to the sports that people traditionally see as ‘girly’ because you’ve got to be willing to slide around a bit and get bruised everywhere.

What are your hopes for your career in cricket?
To be honest, I really want to enjoy my cricket whenever I play and I would also like to play internationally if I ever get the chance. Most of all, however, I just want it to be something that I really look forward to doing during the week and weekends.

What have you gained from playing on the cricket team at Worth?
Mainly, I feel that I have gained a lot of confidence. The standard is excellent and it’s probably the most I’ve ever enjoyed my cricket. I look forward to whatever comes next.

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