Ashes inspires cricket revisit by Worth School

Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Ashes inspires cricket revisit by Worth School

Now that the clash between England and Australia is upon us for the Ashes, we thought it would be the ideal time to revisit an article by student George Shaw on his beliefs about what cricket brings to society.  This article first appeared in Worth School’s Identity magazine.

Cricket has always been a particular love of mine, says Worth School student George. I was first taught at the age of four on the grass outside my reception class room and I have been hooked ever since. Playing cricket always relaxes me and the game is special to me as it is one of the few remaining sports that allows for both teams to socialise with a drink after the game, no matter what the result.

Cricket, in my opinion, provides the roots of many attributes we see in today’s society. The tension created in a close match, much like that at Trent Bridge where England won by 14 runs, pulls together a group of people when pressure builds on them. We see how players like Jimmy Anderson, Alistair Cook and Graeme Swann stepping up when the tension builds in a close game. The Ashes themselves create an atmosphere of pride, passion and patriotism that can only be seen when England participates in any big sporting event.

Cricket has always been an English game, ever since farmers used twigs as stumps and W.G. Grace became the first amateur captain of England. Through our past and current teams, we have learnt the true meaning of ‘stiff upper lip’ and all the values the phrase encompasses. Cricket is also well known for gentlemanly conduct within the game, but there is a competitive side hiding underneath this. Competition is never a bad thing as it can bring out the best in someone.

Cricket definitely has a place in society. Cricket is not just about what happens in the rope, but the whole occasion, of the barmy army shouting their lungs out at home or abroad, drinking Pimms and having a picnic at Lords, whether it is under the sun or an umbrella – cricket brings different cultures together, creates an ethos of fair play, a sense of pride in being British and a sense of camaraderie between the players in the team.

At Worth we believe that cricket is a perfect example of how sport can influence how people should behave in society. By respecting others, acknowledging and embracing other cultures, supporting people when they need it and showing respect for decisions made by others, today’s society can be influenced by the gentlemanly conduct displayed in games of cricket.

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