Collages using Photoshop – Gun (A-Level)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Collages using Photoshop – Gun (A-Level)
Korean Photograph (Google Search)
London Photograph (Google Search) 
Both images above were combined together on Photoshop using
Blending Options and controlling the separate Opacity Levels

Taking inspiration from Jacques Vileglé’s work (as seen below) Gun has
 digitally torn into the Korean image to reveal the London Image below

Jacues Vileglé 
ABC (1959)

Jacues Vileglé 
Rue de la Biche, Saint Denis (1963)
Gun printed numerous Korean words and phrases in a variety of colours and on a
range of coloured backgrounds. These were then torn and pasted onto a
piece of  A3 Cartridge Paper to create the collage above.

Gun created a new Photoshop project, layering his collage (from the previous step) that he had scanned into the computer, with both the Korean and the London photographs. He then experimented with the order in which the layers sat, before digitally tearing into each layer, revealing more of the image beneath. Finally, Gun experimented with the Opacity Levels of each layer and also the Blending Options available to him to create this multiple layered collage above.

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