#CITIZENCURATORS at The Photographers Gallery

Thursday, 15 August 2013
#CITIZENCURATORS at The Photographers Gallery
An archive of London 2012
1 – 27 August 2013
How does social media transform the way we record, share and ultimately remember major events? 
#citizencurators is a Twitter project which documents the way Londoners responded to the Olympics of 2012. It aims to show how the contemporary history of London2012 could be recorded by the people who experienced it without the filtering of an institution. 
In the project, any citizen of London could become a curator using social networking and tweet their responses in words or images with the hashtag #citizencurators. These were then collected and archived by the Museum of London.
Through this method, the project extended the idea of community participation espoused by Mass Observation and extended it into the realm of crowd sourcing and citizen journalism. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Games, The Photographers’ Gallery presents and reanimates the many photographs and tweets created by #citizencurators.

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