Becoming an art scholar

Saturday, 21 March 2015
Becoming an art scholar

The School’s information for Years 7 and 9 pupils wishing to apply for an Art Scholarship states: “Pupils hoping to win an award should be able to communicate their enthusiasm for the subject (both visually and verbally), and skill in using a broad range of media. Elikem Logan, who is also studying Mathematics, Economics and Physics and is now in Year 12, talks about what inspires his love of art and design and why he also feels a genuine responsibility to be a role model to others…

My artistic journey really began in Year 9. As a keen, confident, and curious art student at Worth, having being surrounded and inspired by art, especially African art, I was interested in Art and Design at Worth, and I soon came to love it.

The series of events which occurred to equip me with the tools to put myself forward for an art scholarship in Year 12 would not have happened without the continuous guidance, support and encouragement given by my art teachers over the years. Not only during my time at Worth but everybody who throughout my artistic journey has sculpted my potential and talent into skill and artistic competence; anyone I have ever come into contact with who has inspired me simply by merit of their character and the aura which encircles them. This scholarship is for them, for without these people I would not be an art scholar.

The moment in which I decided to apply for the scholarship was at the beginning of my second year of GCSE. It was recommended to me and I decided to rise to the occasion. Mocks were around the corner and having just finished an exciting first year of my GCSE in art and design, I felt ready to be a scholar.

When you hear the word ‘scholar’ what comes to mind? For me it was mainly being a positive role model for everybody I came across, irrespective of whether they are art students or not. I feel that every scholar must embody this in order to be a success, and this is what I endeavour to achieve daily.

The toughest part of the application process for me was the interview. There were some difficult questions asked which really put my mind to work. I was overjoyed to hear that I received an offer for a scholarship at Worth in Year 12, and I encourage anybody thinking of applying to go for it. One thing I have always adored about Worth is the School’s capacity to facilitate every permutation of an idea beamed by our imagination.

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