And this Worthian’s chosen subjects are…

Tuesday, 01 March 2016
And this Worthian’s chosen subjects are…

A chorister, pianist and clarinetist while at Worth, Finn Lurcott (on the right with his brother Hugh in the photograph) also discovered a passion for Music Technology through the School’s amazing production facilities. Now at the University of Manchester in his third year reading Philosophy and Politics, Finn has been described as one of six ‘real deal DJs behind the big nights in Manchester’ on the university’s student website – The Tab. It was time to ask him to tell us more…

I left Worth School in 2013 and am now coming to the end of my third year at university. Whilst I have immensely enjoyed the Philosophy and Politics course I have been studying, I have spent most of my free time working within Manchester’s incredibly vibrant music industry.

During my time at Worth School I sang and played guitar at Battle of the Bands five years in a row, sang in the school choir, played clarinet in the school orchestra and took piano lessons.

It was the sheer musical passion of Mr Oakley (Director of Music), Mr Matthews (Teacher of Music Technology) and Mrs Gray (Assistant Director of Music) that led me to grow up appreciating everything from Allegri’s Miserere, sung every year by the choir in the Abbey Church, to the complex rhythmic structures found within House and Techno music.

Towards the end of my time at Worth I became really interested in electronic music, largely stemming from the incredible production facilities that were available to music fans like me, whilst at Worth. After being exposed to music production software whilst taking my Music GCSE, I began spending hours of my free time in the Music department’s Mac suite, experimenting with new and interesting genres of music – I remember at the time being particularly fascinated with Dubstep.

It was this passion which encouraged me to choose Music Technology as one of my A Levels, and after being on the fence about whether to take it, I now think it was one of the best decisions I ever made, teaching me early on how best to balance both my academic work with the true joy I found from playing music. I finished my time at Worth with three A’s in History, Religious Studies and Music Tech, and got into my first choice university. I decided to skip the gap year, and get straight up to the city which seeped opportunity for young musicians.

During my time at university I have been heavily involved in Manchester’s thriving music scene. I spent much of my first year spamming the inboxes of nightclub promoters, with DJ mixes, and some of my own productions, begging for an opportunity to play, until finally I was given my first ever DJ set. I spent most of my first year playing every other week, warming up for the Wednesday Student Night BASS FACE, which was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.

Finn and brother Hugh play a packed Sankeys
Finn and brother Hugh play a packed Sankeys

During my second year I became involved in the nightlife industry on a managerial level, managing the promotion team for a weekly student night, whilst also starting my own club night (Rehoused) at a small capacity club with a friend of mine. My brother Hugh (also at Manchester studying Medicine and in the main photo), and I had often played at Battle of the Bands together as ‘The Lurcott Brothers’,  and regularly began playing together back-to-back on the decks, to sell-out crowds.

In this, my final year, my biggest achievement has been being asked to join the managerial team at Manchester’s most historic club Sankeys, whilst also being given a spot as a DJ resident, allowing me to play recently to a sell-out crowd of 1,400 people – by far one of the most exciting moments of my life!

The rise of DJing over the past few years has really created a world where DJs are this generation’s rock stars. I am immensely lucky to have had such incredible musical opportunities right there in front of me from such a young age, and it really is thanks to Worth’s serious emphasis on their music department, that I can look back on my time at school and appreciate how lucky I was. Who knows, Battle of the Bands, might be swapped for a Battle of the Decks’ showcase some day!

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